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YOGA: For family


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I L L U S T R A T I O N S 


BY Irene Toreheim

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I. T O R E H E I M wants to offer the whole family a yoga collection that connects but still separates the father, mother and children’s different needs in detail and function.
I. T O R E H E I M wants, with its Scandinavian appearance combined with direct reflection of the balance we seek in life, synchronize thoughtful design and construction with an unrivaled level of detail to create perfect symmetry and balance.
Every season as its own color.

Creating a family is one of the biggest journeys we make in life and the biggest change is in ourselves happens as we become parents.
In order to feel good in change, well-being is required in our physical, emotional and the
intellectual path.
Its not just a collection, it’s my way to spread a message.

I. T O R E H E I M wants to start a yoga lifestyle brand.
We think, you need to take care of yourself first before being able to take care of others.
We have the goal to exercise consciousness at all stages of our internal and external journeys and make you realize you never need to make a choise in your own health cause of your children.
If you cant do it alone, lets do it togheter.

Courage, Confident, Curiosity and a little childish foolishness

I. T O R H E I M wants to promote yoga in all possible ways because I know yoga is a life changer and a chance for people to become what they want and who they can be with the capacity they empower.

I will do this together with my well-chosen brand ambassadors that I believe can reach
people in special ways, in their own ways, by being geniune, without effort and with the yoga mindset as a base.

People that empowers the balance between

Strong and vulnerable
Human and spirit
and whom is a leader without taking the lead.

A N N I K A   J A N K E L L 

Instagram: annikajankell

Journalist, Tv host and a true yogini.
Yoga is something she has been practicing since she was 20 years old.
She needs yoga to stay grounded and I believe she has the most beautiful heart in her body and soul.
I am so proud of having Annika as a part of my brand and 1#collection.

H A N N A   P E R S S O N

Instagram: Bienvenidaamiga

Hanna is a big inspiration,

Both as a teacher and as a human.

Hanna is one of my first Bikram yoga teachers and her classes master the balance betewen  stong/ intense and sensitive/ deep.

Class after class, step by step,  she can change your life.

With her warm open heart and her open mind for life and details, her way of teaching yoga trough the movement and corrections of poses,

she can reach your heart and touch your soul.

I. T O R E H E I M


This is the journy of a yoga family lifestyle brand that breaths the sophisticated scandinavian design



Location: Lomma, Sweden

Email: Irene@i-toreheim.com

Phone +46736832984






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